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Pink Rabbits by The National

from by Southerly



I'd like to thank Matt and the band for directly touching base and approving the cover and being super cool about it, you're the best! This song has always been a really powerful one and one of my favorite's of theirs. They have such a specific style and sound that careful consideration was taken so that none of the emotion or intent were lost in the translation of the cover. I'd also like to commend and pay my respects to them, they deserve all of the amazing success they've had, from the Comet in Cincy to NYC, great work boys and much respect!

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from Covers Series, released December 8, 2015
All instruments performed by Krist Krueger, Eli Savage, Jason Oppat and Robert Bartleson. Engineered by Robert Bartleson at Haywire Recording Studio (Portland, OR), produced by Krist Krueger and Robert Bartleson. All songs (c) & (p) their original owners and publishers.